A Day in the Life of...Ryan Hill, Practice Lead - Enterprise Applications

Posted by Stacey Roper on Nov 5, 2018 4:27:18 PM
Stacey Roper

The alarm rings
The Alarm is set for 6.40am, but I can guarantee my little boy has woken up before then. So realistically it's a 6.15am wake up; change a nappy, 10 minutes of cuddles and play time and then jump in the shower. I leave the house just after 7am and get to the office around 8 (always with a LEON breakfast and coffee in hand). I calculated the other day that I must have spent around £600 there in the last 6 months. Don’t tell the Wife!

My typical day…
I would love to tell you that my day is filled with incredible client lunch meetings, but after 7.5 years in recruitment it is still much of the basics, which I believe you should never lose touch with. I start by calling my top candidates, followed by chasing up any hot leads. I am a stickler for organization and diary management (you have to be), so everyday I already have a list of people that I need to get in contact with. Lunch usually means spending too much money again #HateAMealDeal, and then it's much of the same in the afternoon. I try to get out and meet people as much as possible, it is a huge benefit in terms of developing relationships. I try to get out of the office on time most days to get home and see the little boy before bed.

I got the job…
I had worked in recruitment for over 7 years before joining Stott and May. I was approached about the opportunity to come and build an ERP/CRM focused contract desk in London. The offer came at a point where the contract team was growing rapidly, they had great plans and I wanted to be part of it. Queue 3-4 meetings with Steve Stott and I happily signed.

I chose recruitment because…
I could have told you from around 12 that I would have ended up in a sales job. I didn’t know where, how or when, but it was always going to happen. It didn't take long to find out that recruitment was the one.

I’m responsible for…
I manage the Enterprise Practice. Essentially, we supply CRM and ERP Contract staff throughout the UK and Europe. We have a specific focus on Ms Dynamics, but the growth plans include; Salesforce, Oracle and SAP.

The best part of my day…
Getting that “Buzz”! I still get excited by hearing about a new project, picking up a new client, getting offers. You have to take the wins where you can. If you cant find excitement in something everyday, this can be a tough job.

The worst part of my day…
Leaving the little boy at home. Getting a work/family balance isn't always easy but I'm sure this is the same whatever job you do.

After work you’ll find me…
Getting home to try and see the boy before bed (I normally just about make it).

Top Tips for Budding Recruiters:
  • Don’t get too excited when things are going well, but equally don’t get down when things go bad. If you can manage your emotions it will hold you in good stead to perform consistently.

  • Give it your all!

  • Enjoy your personal time.

What are your top 3 things about working with Stott and May?
Maturity – It is great working with other people that have been in recruitment for a while. There is a lot to learn in this industry so working with senior people is great for picking up advice and learning different ways of thinking. Also, having colleagues that are at a similar stage of life is helpful. They understand I want to get home to see my family.

Freedom – Obviously results are important, but you genuinely get the feeling here that you are backed to do it your way. There is not a 1 size fits all in recruitment. You have to deliver, but they are always open to new ideas and routes to market.

Atmosphere -  I think it is rare to be in a business where there isn’t any bad feelings. Everyone seems to get on and there are no bad characters. Quite often, successful sales people can be a little tough to get on with and people butt heads, but it doesn’t happen here are there are some exceptional performers.  

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