A Day in the Life of...Meg Gerrard, Account Manager

Posted by Stacey Roper on Aug 13, 2018 3:53:33 PM
Stacey Roper
The alarm rings…
At 6.45am (if it’s a Friday 6.30am), I very slowly get out of bed, stumble into the shower, get ready as quick as possible and head out the door around 7.20am to get to the bus stop. I’m a massive bus fan, I don’t like the tube. It’s cheaper, you get fresh air and I get on at the first stop, so I’m guaranteed a seat. I can peacefully go through my emails without competing with sweaty armpits.

My typical day…
I get to work at around 8am, have my marmite on toast (religiously) and then go through any urgent emails. I work with global clients across different time zones, so I get a lot of urgent emails before I hit my desk. I then get together with my team for our morning meeting, which is always a great start. After that I’ll typically begin searching for new CV’s that have come onto job boards, therefore if a role comes in, I already have a head start on candidates I can call! The rest of the day is full of filling roles, setting up interviews and processing any offers that are out there.

I got the job…
I joined our Graduate Scheme last August so I’m still relatively new to the industry. After finishing my degree in Geography, I studied in New Zealand for a year and decided to travel before starting work.

I chose recruitment because…
After coming back from travelling I was very open to any career path, I had a few friends in recruitment and they told me it was a lucrative industry. I was really drawn to the fact it was fast pace with a lot of career progression. I didn’t see it as a job where I could become stuck, the possibility of growth and development was attractive to me.

I’m responsible for…
The delivery and management of our major accounts which are BAE Systems and HCL Axon.

My most memorable moment…
The proudest I have felt was when I placed this one candidate; she has recently relocated to the UK with her family, she had a niche skill set in SAP and she was bilingual in English and Turkish. She had been in London for almost a year and had not found employment, so when a Turkish speaking SAP consultant role came up she was absolutely overwhelmed with recruiters reaching out to her. I contacted her personally via LinkedIn and empathised with the fact that she was probably being inundated, she was extremely overcome with emotion. I managed to get her the interview, she was understandably nervous and emotional, so I calmed her and reassured her that she was perfect for the role. When I had the pleasure of telling her she got the role I could hear her shouting with joy to her kids, and them cheering in the background. It meant so much to me that I could make such an impact on someone’s life. I met up with her after she started, and she was still so grateful - absolutely my proudest moment yet.

The best part of my day…
When I get to the office. I always start my day positive; marmite on toast (worth a second mention), and the uplifting energy I get from our morning team meeting is the best part of every day.

The worst part of my day….
Hearing my alarm ring.

After work you’ll find me…
Heading home around 6.30pm; on the bus I’ll start looking up recipes to cook with the ingredients I have left in the fridge. I’m a major ‘user upper’. I love herbs and spices! I go home, cook, eat and watch Love Island (don’t judge), although the recent World Cup did take up a lot of TV time this year.

Top Tips for Candidates:
I like to find out who they’ll be meeting for the interview and advise that they look them up on LinkedIn. It helps to put a face to a name, especially if it’s a phone interview. I believe if you can picture the person you are speaking to it really helps.

What are your top 3 things about working with Stott and May?
I love the atmosphere, there is always a great energy. They take a genuine interest in my development and career progression, and I generally enjoy what I do. I work within a fantastic team of people, and we have some exciting things coming up with our new graduate team coming through. It’s hard to believe that was me just under a year ago!


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