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Posted by Stacey Roper on Sep 4, 2018 9:08:01 AM
Stacey Roper
This summer we were joined by 17 year old Taylor Claxton, who chose to do a one week placement with our Reading office. Taylor will be going into his final year of A-Levels before heading off to university next September. His placement at Stott and May was a great opportunity to experience different work options, and get first hand knowledge of working within one of the  leading talent search firms.Check out Taylor's interview below:

I chose to do my placement with Stott and May because…
I was made aware of Stott and May's great reputation within the industry and how well employees are treated. Both of which have been proven this week.

This week I learnt:
I feel like I’ve developed quite a wide range of different skills. For example, learning how to use different systems such as Bullhorn, Outlook, Jobsite etc. I have had a great intro into the basics of recruitment and the processes that go into it. I’ve grown in confidence, and have become a lot more comfortable talking to people on the phone.

I’ve loved being put into new working environments; I got to sit down with various teams who all contribute massively. From recruitment to finance, legal and marketing. I learned a wide range of work processes which has given me a lot to think about for my future progression.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of my week with Stott and May. I particularly enjoyed learning about the process of finding people their desired job, and matching companies together with candidates, it's a process I overlooked, but seeing how much knowledge and care that goes into it, I found it very rewarding. 

There honestly hasn’t been a time during this week that I have disliked.

In the future I want to be...
I’m still not 100% sure what I want to do after I finish my A-levels. But this week’s experience has really opened my eyes to a whole new potential career path which I'd consider taking further.

If Reading was to hold an Academy in the future would you be interested?
I would definitely be interested. Going off my experience in recruitment and in particular with Stott and May, I would love to further carry on with the team!

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