5 Great Reasons to Register for our 'CIO's in Utilities' Roundtable

Jun 27, 2017 1:18:30 PM

We take the time to catch up with Joshua Springer, Client Services Manager for Utilities, on why he believes the 'Flicking the Switch' roundtable is a must attend event for any CIO that is in the process of creating a customer focused IT strategy in the Utilities industry.

Reason #1: Blazing a trail towards customer-centric business can feel like a lonely road

The feeling is all to common. You're embarking on something different. A process of change that will span all people, process and technology elements of your business. The stakes are high. The rewards on offer are potentially massive but there is a level of risk there too. Wouldn't it be great to have the benefit of other people's hindsight when starting out on the journey towards customer-centric business transformation? Whether you are in the process of pulling together your strategy or are executing your vision - this forum is an excellent platform to pick up tips and best practices from your peers. We'll cover everything from building the business case for technology investment through to overcoming the challenges of seemlessley managing change and resourcing projects with the right skills. 


Reason #2: Getting a fresh but relevant perspective from a great keynote speaker

It's rare to find a speaker that can offer technology and people management insights from both inside and outside of the utilities sector. Some events organisers will bring in someone from outside of the utitilities market to offer a fresh perspective on some of the customer-centric strategies being persued to create brilliant experiences in adjacent markets. Others will choose a speaker that sits directly within the sector but offers little in the way of innovative thinking and tangible results. In Florentin Albu, CIO of Ofgem E-Serve, we believe we have struck the perfect balance. Florentin brings with him the perfect blend of insight from operational IT matters through to innovation in advanced data & analytics and AI. He is accountable for results (the delivery of £6bn worth of renewable energy transactions per year), he is familiar with the people challenges and as a bonus has experience of delivering IT transformation programmes across a range of different industry sectors.  


Reason #3: Cutting through the clutter of customer-centric technologies

In the backdrop of the information explosion there has been a similar explosion of technology vendors all claiming to play a pivotal role in delivering a phenomenal customer experience. Just take a moment to think about all of the various technologies out there that can support customer-centric operations: CRM, BI & Analytics, Data Quality Tools, Master Data Management, AI & Machine Learning, IoT, Microservices and API's, Blockchain - the list goes on and on. Then think about all the vendors that sit within these markets. The end result is alot of noise and clutter. Why not create a forum where CIO's can really discuss the pro's and con's of these technologies - we thought. With all the smoke and mirrors that exists in the customer-centric technology space let's learn from our peers about the vendors that are making waves based on successful implementations and seperate those from the hype.


Reason #4: A forum of CIO's that actually includes senior technology leaders 

We've all been there. You register for a C-Level event to network with your peers but it becomes more boredom than boadroom due to the quality of the delegate list. We recognise that nothing annoys senior technology professionals more is to attend an event where there isn't a senior perspective in sight. That's exactly why we have kept a tight criteria around our registrations with delegates typically falling into the following three categories: CIO's, Programme Directors, IT/Technology Directors. It's a tough balance as no one job title ever seems to be the same these days but you can rest assured that if you register for the 'Flicking the Switch' roundtable you will have the opportunity to mingle with some of the brightest minds in the Utilities technology space.


Reason #5: A no strings attached agenda

And now for the best bit. The headline act. The grand finale. This event is not sponsored by a software vendor. There will be no obligutory product demonstrations. The discussion points will not be 'leading' you to a particular solution. It's just a great chance to for senior technology professionals to share their unique perspectives on the people, process and technology change required to create brilliant customer experiences and win first mover advantage.


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