GroWiT Mental Health in the Workplace

Oct 13, 2020 2:28:34 PM

We partnered with Headspace Inc, an online healthcare company specializing in meditation, to host an event in the shape of webinar focused on Mental Health in the Workplace. Watch the recorded event now to join what was another impactful gathering of our GroWiT community.

Headspace has one mission: to improve the health and happiness of the world. Inspired by this notion, we brought together a fantastic panel of experienced engineers and technical leaders, to discuss mental health in the workplace through the lens of gender, race, experience level, and the current climate.

Key themes of the virtual event included: 
- Biggest mental barriers, given the current climate 
- Managing your mental health in the workplace
- Work with others to make your workplace more mentally healthy for everyone
- Contributors to mental health issues at work

As adapting to working from home has become the new reality, the panel discussed  work/life balance and shared their own methods of disconnecting in order to manage stress. They also shared suggestions of how employers can better consider and support their employees' mental health, including leadership training to ensure managers can empathize with and acknowledge mental health issues. 

Meet our all star panel from Headspace Inc:

  • Taylor Daugherty: Senior iOS Engineer 
  • Dion Fulwood: Frontend Engineer 
  • Bhavini Soneji: VP of Engineering
  • Kenny Imery Bonilla: Program Specialist

Check out the recorded event below:


Watch our first GroWiT virtual event

Check out our first GroWiT virtual event entitled 'Role Models: The Inside Track' which covered key themes including the importance of mentoring and making female role models more available. 

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