The Salesforce Sitdown with Chris Neudecker

Apr 6, 2021 6:04:32 PM

Chris Neudecker joined the Salesforce Sitdown for a conversation around all things collaboration tools. Chris has 11 years of experience on the Salesforce platform and is the Director of Salesforce Applications at Citizens Financial Group.

Salesforce has grown immensely by acquisition and collaboration tools have been a huge part of that so with some name dropping, and product scrutiny we assessed what Salesforce’s relationship is like when it comes to collaboration tools, the next evolution of collaboration on Salesforce and how systems usage in a virtual world has meant that behaviorally you no longer need to be at the water cooler to impress and get a promotion.

This series is part of a wider community initiative, peer led, for SFDC Tech/COE Leaders to connect with each other on the machinations of successful user adoption, shared best practices and learnings about roles, processes, and tech used in such teams. We don’t always get to be connected to peers in the Salesforce Community, COE leaders can find themselves operating like islands, in their own businesses and separated from others. This is a window in on how Salesforce is run, elsewhere.

Listen to the podcast now:

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