The Salesforce Sitdown with Dan Angiu

Jan 14, 2021 3:59:48 PM

Our third episode of the Salesforce Sitdown podcast features a conversation with tenured Salesforce superstar, Dan Angiu, hosted by Stott and May's Andrew Verdin.

Dan Angiu is the founder of A2B Nexus and with a decade of experience in the Salesforce space across various industries, 5x Salesforce certified taking on technical and leadership roles, passionate about new tech, super dad, and an innovative contributor to the Salesforce community!

On January 9th 2021, Dan spoke at a Salesforce Women in Tech Group to reveal a Community/Experience Cloud course he designed himself on Udemy. We discuss his course, the importance of a Salesforce COE, some of the common pitfalls when implementing Salesforce, and good recommendations on books, TV shows, and food.

This series is part of a wider community initiative, peer led, for SFDC Tech/COE Leaders to connect with each other on the machinations of successful user adoption, shared best practices and learnings about roles, processes, and tech used in such teams. We don’t always get to be connected to peers in the Salesforce Community, COE leaders can find themselves operating like islands, in their own businesses and separated from others. This is a window in on how Salesforce is run, elsewhere.

Listen to the podcast now:


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