The Salesforce Sitdown with David Vaughn

Nov 11, 2021 4:53:41 PM

For this next podcast episode, we welcomed David Vaughn, Salesforce Product Lead at AmerisourceBergen, to discuss talent with James Canosa.

We tried to put the world to rights in the context of soaring salaries and growing demand but with a focus on how to successfully scale Salesforce teams and how this can be achieved in this ever competitive landscape. It’s important to be clear on who and how you hire, to ensure that you are not simply at the mercy of going after the same talent that everyone else is, but broadening the search to include knowledge and skills that add a different value and impact. Finally and crucially - how do you retain said talent!

With this as a focal point the conversation took us to the nuances of technical and functional roles and exploring where those with limited or non-Salesforce backgrounds can be incredibly successful, if identified correctly, as a way to broaden the scope of a candidate search AND diversify the team.

This series is part of a wider community initiative, peer led, for SFDC Tech/COE Leaders to connect with each other on the machinations of successful user adoption, shared best practices and learnings about roles, processes, and tech used in such teams. We don’t always get to be connected to peers in the Salesforce Community, COE leaders can find themselves operating like islands, in their own businesses and separated from others. This is a window in on how Salesforce is run, elsewhere.

Listen to the podcast now:

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