The Salesforce Sitdown with Manoj Parakkal

May 24, 2021 6:23:52 PM
Manoj Parakkal joined James Canosa on the Salesforce Sitdown. He has circa 20 years in CRM consulting from Siebel originally before the now well-trodden path across to Salesforce!
Manoj is currently the COE lead at MGM. We talked about walking into Greenfield vs Established environments of Salesforce, their pros and cons. Manoj measures his success with one-click surveys that have punctuated his work history and we talk about the value of that active user feedback in improving user adoption, the nuanced challenges between building out a first Salesforce implementation vs arriving somewhere pre-made and the concept of the COE as a Service.

This series is part of a wider community initiative, peer led, for SFDC Tech/COE Leaders to connect with each other on the machinations of successful user adoption, shared best practices and learnings about roles, processes, and tech used in such teams. We don’t always get to be connected to peers in the Salesforce Community, COE leaders can find themselves operating like islands, in their own businesses and separated from others. This is a window in on how Salesforce is run, elsewhere.

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How can the COE step up in times of uncertainty?

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