The Salesforce Sitdown with Michael Oualid

Feb 4, 2021 1:50:02 PM
As a current champion of “Data Operations” in the CRM space, we were delighted to sit down with Michael Oualid for our next episode of The Salesforce Sitdown podcast. Michael has a blend of consulting and operational expertise in both product management and business/sales technology including Salesforce for 15 years, both in Europe and the US and in his current role all eyes are on the data.

We sat down to discuss how we know when the data is working for us, data health as a full-time job, the data that can share a success story, adoption vs performance and the more behavioral understanding of user sentiment.

Data is a hot topic and whether Salesforce is your master data manager or part of a broader system of enterprise platforms/applications we discussed data analysis and visualization, the challenges and what good looks like!

This series is part of a wider community initiative, peer led, for SFDC Tech/COE Leaders to connect with each other on the machinations of successful user adoption, shared best practices and learnings about roles, processes, and tech used in such teams. We don’t always get to be connected to peers in the Salesforce Community, COE leaders can find themselves operating like islands, in their own businesses and separated from others. This is a window in on how Salesforce is run, elsewhere.

Listen to the podcast now:

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