Webinar | What Security Hiring Managers really want

Aug 26, 2020 6:20:40 PM

In this webinar, we leveraged the hiring insights of Renana Friedlich-Barsky, Director and Global Head of Cybersecurity Operations at PayPal, who offered her unique perspectives on what hiring managers really want to see from candidates in the cyber security space.

In light of the skills shortage in the cyber security space, there is an increasing demand to get the best out of the candidate pool available. But in order to achieve this, candidates need to know what’s required to position themselves in the right context to hiring managers and avoid some of the self-inflicted wounds that can be incurred in the application process. 

This Q&A session includes value for candidates and hiring managers alike as we explore the pre-requisites associated with creating a hiring process where candidates can reveal their true potential.

Check out the recorded event below:


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