Cyber Security Infographic: The Route to Business Impact

Apr 28, 2020 2:52:15 PM

Check out all the latest findings from our Cyber Security in Focus 2020 research report. Our infographic examines the journey to ensuring that cyber security functions make a significant impact on the business from strategy execution through to improving the value proposition. We discuss the challenges surrounding cyber security recruitment and provide tips on how to create a culture of security. Find out where the hurdles and opportunities are in a quick digestible format. 

Cyber Security The Route to Business Impact-6

Download a copy of our Cyber Security in Focus 2020 research here.

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Cyber Security in Focus 2020 Research Report

Get all of the insight around the challenges facing cyber security leaders in 2020 from the skills gap to the impact of cloud on security posture. Featuring a guest Q&A with Jim Rutt (CISO, Dana Foundation) and salary data covering the UK, US, Benelux and DACH regions.

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