IR35: The Facts, all the facts and nothing but the facts

Nov 23, 2020 1:56:38 PM

After the delays and the future gazing, we set out to to separate the fact from the fiction through hosting a knowledge-sharing virtual event entitled 'IR35: The Facts, all the facts and nothing but the facts'.

Since the 2018 Budget, the rumour mill has been rife with speculation as to what will and won't fall out of scope. Thus, this session was devised for employers needing clarity on the facts, fall out and implications of IR35 in advance of the new regulations coming into effect in April 2021.

Our speaker, Andrew Whiteaker - Partner at Boyes Turner, shared some fantastic insights on forthcoming changes to the IR35 regime, what they are; how the proposed changes will impact the tech sector; lessons to be learned from the public sector changes in 2017, and what businesses need to do to be as prepared as possible.

Watch the webinar on demand now:

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