The Data Debrief: The Latest Technology Trends in Data Engineering

May 3, 2019 1:59:37 PM

In our latest edition of the Data Debrief podcast we caught up with Addison Lee Chief Data Officer, Graeme McDermott and Guy Garrett, Managing Director of Achieve Intelligence, to discuss some of the latest technology trends impacting data engineering and data science. 

 In this session we explore the impact that cloud based opensource technologies are having as an enabler of agility for data and analytics functions. We also evaluate the changing attitudes to the use of opensource within both analytics and engineering environments. Our host, John Eveleigh (Consultant, Data Engineering & Analytics) also facilitates the discussion around the factors that are driving the growth in the adoption of Python alongside more general hiring challenges associated within data recruitment.




The Evolution of the CDO

In episode 2 of the Data Debrief we caught up with Edosa Odaro, Head of Data Services at AXA, to gather some insight around the evolving role of the CDO.

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