The five silver bullets of Cyber defence

Mar 8, 2017 9:56:21 AM

Already this year we have watched a number of high-profile cyber-attacks unfold with disastrous consequences, proving that what the security industry has been doing to date isn’t working. So it’s no wonder that the cyber security industry has become a hotbed of innovation, churning out creative products designed to outsmart would-be attackers. It’s a booming industry with exciting start-ups and innovative technologies emerging left right and centre all claiming to be the next “silver bullet” of cyber defence. We’ve had a look at these emerging players and pulled together our pick of the five hottest capabilities in cyber security.  


Product/Capablity Name: Menlo Security Isolation Platform 

Hot factor credentials: 

One of the 10 coolest start-ups of 2015 according to CRN.

Where's the silver bullet?

Rather than trying to distinguish between “good” and “bad” content, it works by isolating all web and email content in the cloud and ‘cleaning’ it before delivering a malware-free copy to the user.  Sounds simple enough, but it’s actually a new take on traditional technology that focuses on beefing up perimeter defences.  And when cyber attackers are continually innovating and becoming more sophisticated, this kind of fresh approach is just what the industry needs.  

The media buzz:

“Administering the Isolation Platform is simplicity itself… [It] has a level of sophistication and reliability that we have not yet observed in other products” – SC Magazine


Product/Capability Name: Runtime Application Self Protection Solution  

Hot factor credentials: 

“Most Innovative Company” of 2015 according to RSA Conference’s Innovation Sandbox.

Where's the silver bullet?

Its Runtime Application Self Protection Solution claims to make Applications self-protecting, self-diagnosing and self-testing.  That’s some pretty clever apps.  But how does it work?  Apparently it embeds security in the Java execution platform, allowing it to monitor and potentially block a wide range of application behaviours and threats.

The media buzz:

“RASP may prove useful despite the potential red flags because it offers a clean solution to some of the pitfalls of mobile security.  If it's every app for itself out there, having firewall-like capabilities built into runtime environments may turn out to make a lot of sense.” – Search Security


Product/Capability Name: DeceptionGrid Platform

Hot factor credentials:

Named a “Cool Vendor” in Security Intelligence by Gartner this year.

Where's the silver bullet?

DeceptionGrid is designed to trip up would-be cyber attackers by camouflaging “malware traps” to look like real IT assets.  These traps are set around high value targets, so if attackers slip past other cyber defences and “touch” one of these traps an alarm is triggered, allowing security operations teams to respond accordingly.

The media buzz:

“Deception may be next big IT security tool, or it may be hype” – Search Security 


Product/Capability Name: Enterprise Immune System Technology

Hot factor credentials:

Named a “Technology Pioneer” by The World Economic Forum this year.

Where's the silver bullet?

This is pretty unbelievable but its Enterprise Immune System technology is inspired by the biological principles of the human immune system!  It works by self-learning ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ behaviours in devices, users and networks in order to detect in-progress cyber-attacks. 

The media buzz:

“Darktrace is already turning heads in the NSA and GCHQ, raising a tonne of money, and doing business with some of Britain's biggest companies. That's why it's worth $100 million — and why it could be worth much more.” – Business Insider UK 

Terbium Labs

Product/Capability Name: Matchlight

Hot factor credentials:

It is early days for this company, but its Matchlight Data Intelligence System appears to be the first-of-its-kind.

Where's the silver bullet?

Terbium Labs’ approach is bold and innovative in that it assumes it’s a matter of when – not if – your business gets hacked.  So rather than trying to stop hackers getting in like most other systems, it focuses on tracking down stolen data within minutes of it reaching the Dark Web.  It uses encryption technology to create a “fingerprint” or unique identifier for a company’s confidential information and constantly scans the dark web for matches to this encoded data. 

The media buzz:

“Already the system has helped companies testing the system find thousands of credit-card numbers that had been put up for sale on the Internet.” – MIT Technology Review

In summary

Whether or not you believe that there is such a thing as a cyber-security “silver bullet”, it's clear that the days of erecting fort-like perimeter fencing around a company’s valuable digital assets and hoping for the best are long gone.  This new wave of cyber defence products appear to be signalling a new dawn in the cyber offensive, but only time will tell if these products are innovative enough to keep the attackers at bay.

In this blog we have focused in on the up and coming vendors and capabilites that are driving this rapidly evolving market forward. If your interested in keeping your finger on the pulse of the cyber security space then it's time download our Market Intelligence and Salary Survey to help you make more informed decisions for your business or career.



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