Agile Valley: 9 Dysfunctions of Agile Virtual Event

Jul 22, 2020 2:07:17 PM

Stott and May recently partnered up with Giles Lindsay, CTO at Digital Ventures, to host a our latest Agile Valley event in the form of a webinar entitled '9 Dysfunctions of Agile'.

The session was designed to help us understand whether we are delivering Agile in our organisations or merely Agile theatre.  Giles poses the question “Is everything about Agile, or is it only part of the whole picture?” Whilst also also asking “What must we do to make genuine Agile succeed within the organisation?”

Giles' talk revolved around 9 big challenges that we as agile champions may face in the workplace, especially with transformations and what we should try to do to overcome them in allowing genuine agile to flourish. We also reflected on the point of agile leadership being about behaviour and not just words.

Watch the on-demand webinar recording now: 



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