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5 'out there' interview questions for Enterprise Architects

Image of Simeon Evans
Simeon Evans

Effective Enterprise Architect interview questions get beneath the surface and reveal important truths about the candidate. Throwing in some ‘out there’ questions can help interviewers really understand the candidate, while allowing the candidate to reveal a bit more of themselves through their answers.

'Vision' is one of the key things that business leaders look for when hiring their next 'go to advisor' on all things technical. In fact, our latest research 'Does Enterprise Architecture need a re-brand?' has highlighted that 58% of respondents stated it was the number one quality they look for in an Enterprise Architect. But in a backdrop where 52% feel that the role is being watered down, we caught up with Simeon Evans to find out his top 5 - slightly 'out there'- Enterprise Architect interview questions that draw out the candidates capable of bridging the balance of technology, people and politics to create tangible - short term - value. 


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When it comes to developers is it all about location, location, location?

Image of Gianni Boscarato
Gianni Boscarato

Over the last two years around 90% of my day to day activity has been spent talking to developers. It's my job. So it’s safe to say I have had a fair amount of exposure into the thought processes developers go through when it comes to looking for their next role. It's an issue I have been facinated by for some time and to take it to the next level I decided to conduct a survey to get to the bottom of what really attracts developers to a role - the money, the opportunity or the location?

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