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5 'out there' interview questions for Enterprise Architects

Posted by Simeon Evans on Aug 15, 2017 3:02:48 PM

Our latest research entitled 'Does Enterprise Architecture need a re-brand?' has highlighted that 'vision' is one of the key things that business leaders look for when hiring their next 'go to advisor' on all things technical. In fact, 58% of respondants stated it was the number one quality they look for in an Enterprise Architect. But in a backdrop where 52% feel that the role is being watered down, we caught up with Simeon Evans to find out his top 5 - slightly 'out there'- interview questions that draw out the candidates capable of bridging the balance of technology, people and politics to create tangible - short term - value. 


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5 Great Reasons to Register for our 'CIO's in Utilities' Roundtable

Posted by Joshua Springer on Jun 27, 2017 1:18:30 PM

We take the time to catch up with Joshua Springer, Client Services Manager for Utilities, on why he believes the 'Flicking the Switch' roundtable is a must attend event for any CIO that is in the process of creating a customer focused IT strategy in the Utilities industry.

'Flicking the Switch: The Role of CIO's in Shaping Customer-Centric Utilities' is coming to the Eight Club Bank, London on July 13th, register here.

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When it comes to developers is it all about location, location, location?

Posted by Gianni Boscarato on May 25, 2017 5:37:43 PM

Over the last two years around 90% of my day to day activity has been spent talking to developers. It's my job. So it’s safe to say I have had a fair amount of exposure into the thought processes developers go through when it comes to looking for their next role. It's an issue I have been facinated by for some time and to take it to the next level I decided to conduct a survey to get to the bottom of what really attracts developers to a role - the money, the opportunity or the location?

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The five silver bullets of Cyber defence

Posted by Simon Kouttis on Mar 8, 2017 9:56:21 AM

Already this year we have watched a number of high-profile cyber-attacks unfold with disastrous consequences, proving that what the security industry has been doing to date isn’t working.  So it’s no wonder that the cyber security industry has become a hotbed of innovation, churning out creative products designed to outsmart would-be attackers.  It’s a booming industry with exciting start-ups and innovative technologies emerging left right and centre all claiming to be the next “silver bullet” of cyber defence.  We’ve had a look at these emerging players and pulled together our pick of the five hottest capabilities in cyber security.  

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Inside the mind of the 'first man on the ground'

Posted by Joel Curry on Feb 24, 2017 3:41:34 PM

At Stott and May we are facinated with every aspect of the growth of disruptive technology vendors. We often find ourselves partnering with tech brands in search of that all important business leader capable of being their 'first man on the ground' in a new territory. This individual carries the burden of the success or failure of international expansion on their shoulders. But what does it really take to be that flag bearer? And what advice is out there for leaders who are about to take that career defining step for the first time? To find out we spoke to Joel Curry, US General Manager of the rapidly growing FinTech firm Validis.

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